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It’s all about the ladies in this sensational tribute to the most famous ladies man to ever grace a stage. Although Harmik is not from the South of Wales like the legend he emulates, when you see the show you will swear you have seen the man himself. “It’s Not Unusual”, “What’s New Pussycat” and “Delilah” are sung with such authenticity you will understand why his shows are sold out from coast to coast.

Tom Jones is an icon in the entertainment world. His popularity has spanned nearly four decades and doesn’t seem to be waning. As long as Jones is popular, his top impersonator and fan Harmik will remain as a tribute to him.

Over the years, Harmik has established himself as a staple at corporate events, private functions, and full stage solo concert performances.

Harmik worked hard to really study Tom. He learned from years of voice lessons and dance lessons. He also studied films with Tom Jones appearances and took notes of his mannerisms. Once Harmik began performing professionally, his love of the act increased and he was swept away with it.

Professional to work with, friendly, and talented – Harmik’s goal is to make sure everyone in the audience has a great time. He truly cares that each person he entertains leaves with a smile.

"Harmik looks more like vintage Tom Jones than Mr. Jones." 

"He captures the essence of a Tom Jones concert"

"Arguably the best Jons act in the country. Even if you aren't a Jones fan, it's still fun for everyone".

Jerry Fink Los Vegas Sun

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