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Stg. Pepper is made up of top LA studio musicians that have a passion for not only the Beatles but numerous other British Invasion Artist.  As veteran musicians and singers they bring an edge to their performance that most cute tribute groups can't.  Audiences are blownin away by their vertuosity and authentic covering of material.

They also cover: Kinks Yardbirds, Led Zeplin, Stones, Hollies, Badfinger, Dave Clark 5 and Cream

"We could not believe what we were seeing an hearing.  It was like a concert wih Sir Paul McCartney"

"We've had the group before at our concert, and it was like an entirely new group because they choose different material to cover.  We'll never get tired of them."

"I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are that you sent us Sgt. Pepper. The guys were great! One of the best events we have hosted. Would like to look at them for other events." Richard Herwig - Sun City Shadow Hills