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The Young Guns, The Ultimate 80’s Band plays the most recognizable, the most danceable and the all out smash hits of the 1980’s. The Young Guns are a high energy, action-packed live band that combines great dance moves, hilarious onstage comedy and 80’s costumes that will take you back to a decade of music that may be more popular today than it was back then.

TYG play popular hit songs from bands like Journey, The Clash, Wham, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Joan Jett and Madonna — just to name a few! The Young Guns are sure to play something for everyone. If you like the clean-cut New Wave classics with sport coats and tight jeans, or you’re more into the Rock and Roll anthems of a decade with big hair, big noise and big attitudes, The Young Guns will be sure to fill your need for everything 80’s.

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•Billy Idol
•Bon Jovi
•Def Leppard
•Guns n Roses
•Joan Jett
•Kenny Loggins
•Rick Springfield
•Soft Cell
•The Clash
•The Cure
•Van Halen
•Violent Femmes Dramarama